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Our Company

Cubosquare is a Mumbai based IT Solutions provider, incorporated in the summer of 2010. we have provided services to many Start-ups, Small and Big enterprises in Mumbai, Pune and Kanpur.

We work with our client's and analyse their business requirements and accordingly offer them customized and need based solutions. Our innovative process helps provide cost effective and efficient solutions.

Cubosquare has successfully delivered numerous projects in the areas of Application Development, Web Designing & Development, Content Management System and E-Commerce Solutions. We specialize in leveraging cutting edge web and windows technology to generate high returns for organizations across all sectors. We are accustomed with an urge to consistently explore more and deliver the best to our client's, not to mention we go by customer delight.

Cubosquare is blessed by a strong resourcefull team of engineers who love to design, develop, research and passionately enjoy their work. Our dedicated team which has an appetite for exploring technological horizons, which keeps itself highly at par to the latest technology and trends.

Our Process

Cubosquare believes in a simple and linear process which is intuitive to both our technical team and client. The process flow takes the following routes :

Phase-1 : Requirement

Meeting, Info, Analysis, Cost

Meetings with managers, stake holders and users are held in order to determine the requirements like; Who is going to use the system? How will they use the system? What data should be input in the system? What data output is expected by the system? After requirement gathering, they are analyzed for their validity and the possibility of incorporating the requirements in the system.
Finally, a Document Requirement Specification (DRS) is created which serves the purpose of guideline for the next phase of the model. DRS ensures that the project is initiated with a mutual understanding of the objectives.

Phase 2: Design

Design, Approval, Development

Once we have submitted the Quotation and we get a written go ahead from our client, Our technical team initiates the development process that may also involve client input and feedback, if and when required. On the basis of DRS, the work is divided in modules/units. In this phase the code is produced and being the most vital phase of the Project hence critical man hours are involved.
After Development, the work is inspected by the team as per DRS and sent to the client for review and approval.

Phase 3 : Launch

Testing, Development, Delivery

During this phase unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing are done. After successful testing the product is delivered / deployed / Launched to the customer for their use. After successfull deployment we ask for Completion Approval Certificate from the client.
Each process model follows a particular life cycle in order to ensure success in process of System/software development.

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Our Team

We're approachable, flexible and supportive

Cubosquare believe's that a pool of people or team is always the backbone of any successfull organization. A talented resourceful team is a force to reckon by to perform and deliver the best result. The bridge between a client and company are always the team, they are the main ingredient of the success. Cubosquare hire the very best and the brightest communicators, innovators and problem solvers. Cubosquare will always go the extra mile to give our customers best solutions or services that they need.

We have the great team which is always equiped with professional Web Designer's, Graphic Designer's, Developer's, Copy-Writer's and Marketing Executive's.

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Case Study

Case Study 1 : Space Developer a Construction company in Nala-Sopara, Thane, India. Wants to have a website which can Display a presentation to the new client for their upcoming and existing project, which can send Current Status of the project to their existing-customer. which can also send reminders notifications for payments and other activities.

Case Study 2 : ARS Import and Export Pvt Ltd. from Malad, India. Wanted a System which can include their vendors and buyers info and track the inventory Status to the System for estimation of projection on Sales by their executive.

Case Study 3 : ABC Pharma, dharavi, India. a distributor of Medical Drugs Needed a System Online which can take Order Online from their Medical Shop and can also send live Inventory to their Customer. It takes all the modules into accounts like User/Vendor/Sales/Inventory etc.

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Website Design & Development

Cubosquare is a professional and dedicated web designing company having proficiency and experience in designing websites to accomplish goals that generates sales and are assets to the business.

We understand that each company has their unique requirements from the designing point of view. Our customer-oriented and quality-driven approach separates us from typical web design companies; with experience of over five years, we have been able to build the reputation of being an eminent web design company in India, assuring positive return over clients investment.

We can fulfil all of your web development requirements, from designing the visuals of your web site, upgrading your current web site, providing you with an easy to use content management system, domain names and hosting right through to blogging, copy writing, online marketing and more.

So, if you are curious about your web design success, we can get you there. The website design portfolio of Cubosquare comprises of projects ranging from small business web design to a large database business web design. Our web design portfolio includes both static, dynamic website designing and mobile friendly designs.

For Our Latest work please    

Mobile Website Design | Responsive Design

According to research : Year 2014 was the year when Mobile users surpasses Desktop users. From the business point of view it become very important for all the existing websites to have a New Design or Existing Design which is also compatible with Mobile Devices or Tablet Devices and at the same time compatible with desktops/PC

Please Download our Research Report on the same.

Cubosquare announces to give services for Mobile Friendly Website Design on October 2014, and ever since we have updated all our process with many new technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and bootstrap.

It is very important to have a website which is both Mobile and Tablet friendly as well as Desktop friendly. These new formats not only effected the look and feel but also effected the pattern in Search Engines. Cubosquare Learned and Adopted new Algorithms used by Search Engine to get a Optomized Results.

Our Mobile Friendly Responsive Design includes the following Key Points :

  •   Highly Streamlined
  •   Exclusive Responsive Design
  •   Meeting all Standards
  •   Latest Trends
  •   Search Engine Friendly

E-commerce Business Solution

We at Cubosquare Offers a scalable plug n play E-commerce Modules for you, some of the business may not need payment gateway, some may need more futuristic approach to sell their products online, or some may have very basic requirements, through our experience we have discover a new recipe which is for the taste of every business or lets say We have solutions to fit every budget.

our skilled and talented professionals fully trained to adopt the current industry trends to deliver profitable results; we take pride that with experience and competent developers we have created customized e-commerce website to promote your brand effectively.

Our ecommerce content management system gives you full control of how you display your products and with that it attract sizable sales. We also menuever process to generate sales through many marketing tools specially designed to equiped online sales

Domain Name Registration

Domain registration information is maintained by the domain name registries, which contract with domain registrars to provide registration services to the public. The registrar that an end-user selects to provide the registration service becomes the designated registrar for the domain chosen by the user.

NOTE : This search will take you to our domain registration portal (www.cubosquare.co.in), please search and book your domain with registration, Our technical team will respond to you asap thank you.

Domain Hosting

Cubosquare also offers Domain Hosting Services. Cubosquare offers a variety of products in Domain Hosting Services. Kindly find the services below;

NOTE : his search will take you to our domain Hosting portal (www.bookmyweb.in), please select and book your hosting account, Our technical team will respond to you asap Thank you.

What is Website Hosting ?

The web-hosting or server is much like the space that you rent out to have your business in, Without the hosting services, you won't have a place for your files to reside, so your domain would then become like a disconnected phone number in the phone directory, and your site files would have nowhere to stay.

Start Up

200 MB Space



500 MB Space



1 GB Space



2 GB Space



5 GB Space



Unlimited Space


Blog Design

Cubosquare help you develop a custom blog that aligns well with company/individual/artist/non-profit online portfolio with social media plugins, useful widgets and a great design structure, We incorporate latest design pattern and technology like HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap for larger audience in all the platforms like Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

WHat is blog?

It is a type of Content Management System/Software on Web, which helps an individual or company to post about their latest work or events or anything.

For example ; an organization can have its blog as a medium to share corporate news, post latest project details or place the latest job openings in your company. It can also be an excellent medium to share knowledge and participate in any discussions around your service area.

We have experience in developing custom blogs or using platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, OForums and CMS.

CMS Design

Cubosquare help you develop a custom CMS that aligns well with companies online portfolio with social media plugins, useful widgets and a great design structure, We incorporate latest design pattern and technology like HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap for larger audience in all the platforms like Desktop, Tablet and Mobile.

WHat is CMS?

It is a Content Management System/Software on Web, which helps a company to keep its content/document share across the company on world wide web.

For example ; an organization can have its CMS as a medium to share corporate news, post latest project details or place the latest job openings in your company or share their documents. It can also be an excellent medium to share knowledge and participate in any discussions around your service area.

We have experience in developing custom CMS or using platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, OForums, Wpress, Drupal etc.

Software Application Development

We are a large group of software engineers with proven track record diverse expertise and are able to poise software development efforts and project extent to your business requirements. We are quick to grasp the uniqueness of each of our clients and focus painstakingly on the individual needs of our clients as a basic step to move forward. With us, you can be sure of unfaltering support, stronger trust and state of the art software development cycle.

When it comes to Software Development Services, we have successfully delivered a variety of customized software products to clients spread across domains. We have expertise for both Web and desktop based software application solutions. Inspite of the disadvantages desktop applications are still popular as web application.[Read More ...]

Customize Software Development

Cubosquare have successfully delivered a variety of customized software products to clients of all domains. specially to Retailers, Traders and manufacturers Sectors in Mumbai, Pune and Kanpur Region. Our Customized Software Solution is famous among the Firms which have their Unique tradition Process to Count on.

For Example :Saad Garments, mumbai wanted to have a module which can track a different account for its vendor where they give Raw Materials Clothes for stitches, which needs to be calculated on the basis of how many Meters given and how many products have been made by them accordingly their accounts have to be sorted. Our Inventory Management Software have to be customized for their special requirement and hence our solutions is perfectly installed and working for them which is covering their separate accounts, Inventory and sales.

We have expertise for both Web and desktop based Customized application solutions. along with that we offer to build back-office applications that can be used by clients to manage their operations as well as to manage their applications.[Read More ...]

Software Testing

cubosquare have started Software testing Services in the year 2013. Cubosquare Provides following Software Testing Services:

Functionality and UI Testing

Acceptance Testing

Compatibility Testing

Web Testing

Performance Testing

Load/Stress Testing

Server Testing (Database, Directory and Internet)

Automation of Tests

Manual Testing

NOTE : Cubosquare Currently not taking any assignment on this services, Service will start soon by Jan 2016.

Saas Development

What is SaaS?

SaaS or Software as a Service, it is a web-based alternative for the otherwise desktop based applications which uses internet to deliver your software service to users. On-demand SaaS provides highly Scalable solutions with 50% Cost Reduction while allowing Enterprises to focus on Core Business rather than IT.

The users do not require installing SaaS application to their desktops and thus saving on money needed to get hardware upgrades or so. It provides cost benefits to organizations because unlike the conventional desktop based solutions which require a licence, SaaS service is generally based on a monthly fee plan. SaaS also removes the hassles of installation and daily upkeep and maintenance of the application.

When you need SaaS

Does your organization have a service that could be more effective if delivered over the internet? Is there any need to expand the scope of the existing web application?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you need SaaS.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating (coding) web pages or websites in a way that it is search engine friendly and gives your site an aggressive boost using on-page and off-page SEO factors which results to top search engine ranking and increased traffic.

Cubosquare offers quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services and Internet Marketing Solutions. Our dedicated team of SEO Professionals ensures Guaranteed Top 10 search engine ranking on Google, Yahoo, MSN and others.

CUBOSQUARE SEO experts Interactively increases qualified search engine traffic to your website by organic SEO practices, which finally helps to accelerate growth for the company.

Social Media Marketing

Social media itself is a catch-all term for sites that may provide radically different social actions.
For instance, Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or "updates" with others.
Facebook, in contrast is a full-blown social networking site that allows for sharing updates, photos, joining events and a variety of other activities.

Internet Marketing

Bringing quantitative traffic to your website is just the beginning of our service model, converting your traffic into leads and sales and using analytic to measure your performance are the other two vital aspects of Internet Marketing services. Contact us now and know your business online advertising requirements and solutions for the same.

We have created strategies that build Brands and Companies. At Cubosquare, we understand that for an online business to perform, Internet marketing does not end at delivering quality traffic, instead it stretches up to increasing conversion rate and rendering accurate result analysis. Housing a pool of diverse, media and web savvy online advertising professionals, we have expertise in creating and implementing ROI-centric Internet Marketing solutions.


Traffic is the foundation of everything. It is the life and blood of all online businesses. Hence, rather than just increasing visitors to your website, we prefer to increase the rate of qualified traffic that comes, connects and stays with your website. To win this game, we employ powerful traffic generation strategies; given below is the list of activities that we run for your website to generate online targeted traffic.

  •   Search Engine Optimization
  •   Pay per click Management
  •   Affiliate Marketing
  •   Social Media Marketing
  •   Email Marketing


While most Internet Marketings stop at traffic generations and click-through rates, we move a step further. We realize the importance of traffic conversion in our endeavour to marketing your business online. Conversion Optimization is our prime concern while evaluating the success rate of a website and the associated Internet Marketing Strategy.

  •   Search Engine Optimization
  •   Pay per click Management
  •   Affiliate Marketing
  •   Social Media Marketing
  •   Email Marketing


Analytic present the most practical way of analysing and measuring a site's visitors' behavior. Based on the science of customer behavior, it helps you understand the online scope of a particular campaign. Mentioned below are some of the aspects that we figure out by analysing a complete campaign

  •   Visitor source identification
  •  To entry /exit points
  •  Conversion Activity by Search Engines or Referring Site
  •   Time spent on website
  •   Most viewed pages
  •   Apply multivariate analysis
  •  Study of unique/repeated visits
  •  Return on investment calculations
  •   Search engine position reports for target keywords
  •   Geographic Viewership Analysis
  •   Website Link Analysis and Optimisation Reports
  •   Recommendations to increase conversion rates and meet site objectives

Email Marketing

Email is a critical business tool that must run flawlessly. Cubosquare gives you reliable email hosting services with exceptional customer support so your business email remains an asset, not a liability. Cubosquare delivers email services that are well tested and proven in its capabilities, highly reliable, the highest grade in quality with personal customer service, security, and value.

Cubosquare offers email services for product promotion, finding out new dealers, channel partners, agents, newsletters & new product introductions. We do not handle spam mails, we only do one-to-one mail based on our created data for given product range or data base given by the client.

  •      Message scheduling
  •      Creating HTML / Text Based Email Messages
  •      Industry Leading Deliverability
  •      Subscription Management
  •      POP3, IMAP, and SMTP connectivity with secure access options.
  •      Anti-virus and Spam filtering services
  •      Open and Click-through Tracking
  •      Bounce Back Handling

SMS Marketing

SMS Solution is a combination of contemporary and modern marketing techniques. Use of cell phone is being increased day by day and many companies are realizing the potential in SMS Marketing or SMS Solutions. SMS marketing can be used to promote any business or any product. Through SMS customer get targeted information. It is really worthwhile investment, you can send your offers and being in touch with your customers anywhere and any time.

So no need to wait any more and no need to think about how to educate your costumer about your latest product as Cubosquare an SMS marketing company in Mumbai is here to help you with cost effective SMS Solutions packages. Just come to us and pick one.

No. of SMS Cost Per SMS (INR) Amount (INR)
5000 0.50 2500
10000 0.48 4800
25000 0.45 11250
50000 0.40 20000
100000 0.35 35000
500000 0.30 150000
1000000 0.25 250000

Note :-

  •      Package valid for 6 months only.
  •      Minimum 5000 sms will be sent at once.
  •      Industry Leading Deliverability
  •      Soft copy of delivery report on demand.

E-commerce consultation Services

Why E-commerce & online business

Online Buying is a Growing Trend in India; With a minimum investment you can start your online business in other words anyone can start from small. Now customers are buying product like grocery to gold jewelry, almost everything.

E-commerce Statistics in India

statistics show that retail e-commerce sales in India have grown tremendously, from 2.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2012 to an estimated 17.5 billion U.S. dollars, representing an almost eight-fold growth. As of 2015, the retail e-commerce sales as a percent of total retail sales in India are set to account for 0.9 percent of all retail sales in India, but this figure is also expected to grow in the near future, reaching 1.4 percent in 2018.

Source - Statista


If you are thinking to sell online than according to the trends, its a great opportunity to start online business now. You can reach selected target customers in small & selected geographical area, don't have to serve to entire nation if you do not have a big support capital, Eventually you can increase your Geographical range.

whome we can help

We can help you set a right road map for your idea/Concept for online business.
We can get you find real-time market report on your product/service.
We can design you a right E-commerce portal according to your budget and needs with back-end infrastructure.

How we can help in consultation

We can help & Consult at each & every stage of e-commerce online business, such as;

E-Commerce concept & idea suggestion

Brand & Marketing Consultancy

Business name suggestion & legal certifications

Market research & feasibility report strategy

Design and build e-Commerce website

Internet marketing & planning

Targeted audience database

Tie-ups, sign ups sell your product

Affiliates, re-sellers, franchise, agents etc

IT & ITes consultation

Product Sourcing Consultation

Product pricing , discount & offer

Special content & review writing

Legal & Documentation

Logistic, Couriers tie-ups & consultation

Mobile Apps & Mobile Marketing

Operations & office management

Our Products

Cubosquare Inventory Application (CIA)

Easy to use features

Manage Accounts, Inventory, Ledger, AI Reports etc.

Easy to use.

Compatible with xp, vista, 7 & 8.

Simple by design with emphassis on minimising effort.

Clever inputs that learn as you go.

Includes your Company Logo.

View all features

Cubosquare Invoice Management (CIM)

Easy to use features

Manage Account for your company invoices.

Easy to use

Compatible with xp, vista, 7 & 8

Simple by design with emphassis on minimising effort.

Clever inputs that learn as you go

Includes your Company Logo

View all features

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