E-commerce consultation Services

Why E-commerce & online business

Online Buying is a Growing Trend in India; With a minimum investment you can start your online business in other words anyone can start from small. Now customers are buying product like grocery to gold jewelry, almost everything.

E-commerce Statistics in India

statistics show that retail e-commerce sales in India have grown tremendously, from 2.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2012 to an estimated 17.5 billion U.S. dollars, representing an almost eight-fold growth. As of 2015, the retail e-commerce sales as a percent of total retail sales in India are set to account for 0.9 percent of all retail sales in India, but this figure is also expected to grow in the near future, reaching 1.4 percent in 2018.

Source - Statista


If you are thinking to sell online than according to the trends, its a great opportunity to start online business now. You can reach selected target customers in small & selected geographical area, don't have to serve to entire nation if you do not have a big support capital, Eventually you can increase your Geographical range.

whome we can help

We can help you set a right road map for your idea/Concept for online business.
We can get you find real-time market report on your product/service.
We can design you a right E-commerce portal according to your budget and needs with back-end infrastructure.

How we can help in consultation

We can help & Consult at each & every stage of e-commerce online business, such as;

E-Commerce concept & idea suggestion

Brand & Marketing Consultancy

Business name suggestion & legal certifications

Market research & feasibility report strategy

Design and build e-Commerce website

Internet marketing & planning

Targeted audience database

Tie-ups, sign ups sell your product

Affiliates, re-sellers, franchise, agents etc

IT & ITes consultation

Product Sourcing Consultation

Product pricing , discount & offer

Special content & review writing

Legal & Documentation

Logistic, Couriers tie-ups & consultation

Mobile Apps & Mobile Marketing

Operations & office management