Vxl Academy is renowned Tution Class which is bringing The Best Of Education Within the Reach Of Every Parent. While Doing So, They Have Ensured the Quality And Objectivity Of their Teaching Curriculum and Also Kept their Fees At Moderate Level, They Have Facilitated The Payment Of The Said Fees In Easy And Flexible Installments As Per The Convenience Of The Parents, which is why they have been adore by parents and students in the remote area of badlapur near Mumbai Metrocity.

INDUSTRY TYPE :  Education Industry

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They wanted to have their tuition website to attract new students and even students beyond local residents as they were expanding their services.


Dynamic Website, Engaging User Experience, everything from new logo to branding, SEO for organic reach


You can see the live website of the website and on google engine within 3 months we have given them top organic reach on google and other search engine with keywords like "cbse classes in badlapur", "top cbse classes in badlapur", "best cbse classes in badlapur" and many key phrases.

badlapur, Navi-Mumbai.

 Wonderful team, Aesthetic design and solution, We have used their services like digital branding, SEO to their education web Application plus Android App of their product edusquare, we are completely happy and satisfied with their perfect solutions, we will definitely recommend their services and products. 

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